Special development


Sometimes we are faced with the problem of coordinating the required products for the Client. Unlike most manufacturers, Russian United Systems of Modern Transport Technologies will first of all listen to the client. This principle is associated not only with our business education, it is dictated by the terms of the guarantee that We provide to Clients (from 5 years to life, such as with evacuation trailers). The main thing is to correctly understand the tasks that need to be solved by the Client and, on the basis of this, correctly draw up a technical task. The technical equipment of the production of the ROSSTT company allows to carry out practically any operations with rolled metal (for more details, see the Production section). Further, you can study in detail the entire range of services within the framework of a special development.

You can always get live advice from our experts. You can reach us on working days from 8.00 till 20.00 (UTC+3) by phone +7 812 200 42 24 You can also send an application to ceo@russtt.com.