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According to the flow of freight and passenger traffic, each airport has its own equipment and facilities for aircraft and passenger maintenance, luggage, cargo and runway. And any machine needs timely maintenance or repair so that the airport can ensure the accuracy of the machinery park and installation. RUSSTT is a full cycle company. Therefore, regardless of brand and condition, we provide services of; maintenance and repair. Our service technicians can carry out on-site damage inspections, no matter where they are located. In addition to scheduled maintenance and routine repairs, RUSSTT can also perform overhaul or repair, which will be duly certified.

The production facilities of the service area are located in the ring road in St. Petersburg, which allows special equipment to be easily transported under it's own power or by cargo trawls. There is a closed, protected car park in the area. There is also a compulsory washing facility located in the entrance area of the workshop.The work is carried out in one of the seven zones.

The main workshop is designed for the maintenance or repair of bodies, frames, sub-frames, hydraulic equipment, including hydroficated equipment or superstructures. The service center of the company can handle seven units of custom vehicles simultaneously. Due to shift work schedules, the work can be performed around the clock, regardless of holidays or weekends. Thanks to our reliable partners we can guarantee a larger range of spare parts and consumables meeting the deadlines.

With CELETTE (France) power stocks and electronic laser level, our experts can check the geometry of the body, frame or superstructure. When necessary and technically possible, power components (main standard - no "fatigue") can be corrected by stretching. The whole frame or sub frame can be replaced, or repaired by parts produced by our company. Our experts always agree with you the solutions provided.

Specialists of center's body shop can do straightening, replacing, restoring. Technical equipment allows us to work with almost any body material: steel, Hardox, Rukka, aluminium, plastic, GRP. During installation, the body clearances are adjusted according to the technical regulations of the serviced machine or equipment. Before painting, it is possible to galvanize the body fitting or the whole body at RUSSTT production facilities. To do so, you need to specify this requirement when ordering.

"Russian United Systems of Modern Transport Technologies" is one of few companies which can carry out certified repair including special vessel equipment for transportation of light and dark oil products, isothermal drums, heated barrels. Our specialists can also handle tank equipment, rebuild breakwaters, filling equipment, and other control sensors. After servicing, the volume is verified and re-certified.

There is also a painting area. It is equipped with powerful fans with air washers. This ventilation system with stepped cleaning and separation of suspension allows you to comply with ecostandards and security of employees. For drying, heat panels and lamps are used, located all over the perimeter of the painting area. The coloring is carried out with Teknos.

The main loads during the movement are transmitted through the frame on axial units and suspension. During the service, RUSSTT specialists can carry out a full service cycle:

  • Alignment of the axial units relative to the frame;
  • Replacement of the axle mounting brackets;
  • Cutting of axial units, including square cross-sections;
  • Repair or replacement of spring, ballancy, non-pneumatic or hydraulic suspension;
  • Turning or replacing brakes (disc, drum), energy accumulators;
  • Replacement of axial units.

The service center of the Russian United Systems of Modern Transport Technologies has the equipment for repair of:

  • Wheeled equipment with hydraulic superstructures (Autolifts, ambulifts, cars with lifting bodies, container reloaders, crane manipulator units, truck cranes, etc.);
  • Wheeled equipment for snow cleaning of the runway, including with an articulated frame;
  • Wheeled vehicles for transporting passengers on the ramp.

The hydraulic stand allows us to carry out complete maintenance of hydraulic equipment:

  • Hydraulic motors;
  • Power take-off boxes;
  • Bypass manifolds;
  • High pressure fittings and hoses.

Any special equipment has an engine, which is subject to wear off. The engine section of the service center of the company "Russian United Systems of Modern Transport Technologies" performs a full range of work with engines:

  • Maintenance and repair of the cylinder head;
  • Maintenance and repair of the piston group;
  • Maintenance and repair of the crankshaft (including grooving);
  • Maintenance and repair of the unit (including the sleeve);
  • At the fuel stand, our specialists can perform maintenance or repair on the fuel system of any environmental class.

Regardless of the type of gearbox, the service center specialists can perform maintenance and repair of:

  • Manual transmission;
  • Automatic transmission.

In particular, you can service or repair variable speed fuel drives used on some types of airfield special equipment.

You can always get live advice from our experts. You can reach us on working days from 8.00 till 20.00 (UTC+3) by phone +7 812 200 42 24 You can also send an application to