"Russian United Systems of Modern Transportation Technologies” is primarily a manufacturing company of aircraft ground equipment. It requires high quality technical equipment, as well as experienced, skilled professionals. Due to the fact that the founders of the company have accumulated serious work experience in large machine-building enterprises, we successfully apply our knowledge and skills on RUSSTT production facilities. In 2019 we passed voluntary certification of both the equipment and the management system, received ISO-9000 Certificates of Compliance. (ссылка на сертификат, сам сертификат разместить в Our confidence in specialists and efficiency of the production equipment are strongly guaranteed. Upon request, we can arrange a visit to our production facility. During the execution of the order, sales managers provide the Buyer with a weekly photo or video report on the stages of its implementation for a clear understanding of the situation and the timing of implementation. We do all this because we have no secrets from our customers and partners.


Any production begins with the technical assignment of the customer. RUSSTT is equipped with highly qualified Design-and-Engineering Department, headed by Dmitry Egorov (professional experience more than 15 years)

Stages of design calculate the entire work breakdown structure, taking into account the necessary operations, labor costs, materials and total workpieces.

With 3D CAD, you can create any "from scratch" structure. By means of digitizer we can get paper patterns.

The electronic workflow of design documents and other documents is convenient for production and negotiation with the ordering party. Engineering-and-Design Department, if necessary, is ready to design and prepare design documentation from scratch. URL


According to the Design Documentation, we prepare the Equipment Production Sheet, which consists of several stages:

    • Material selection.
    • Metalwork.
    • Sandblasting or shotblasting.
    • Installation and welding.
    • Ultrasonic inspection of welded joints.
    • Clearing and preparation for painting.
    • Certification.
    • Equipment acceptance of by the customer at production site.
    • Preparation for shipment and delivery.

In case of high workload or tight deadlines the production staff allows you to work a three-shift schedule at production areas. This will help to distribute the workload reasonably, so as to improve efficiency and work in progress.

The choice of materials is carried out after the final approval of the Terms of Reference and on the basis of calculations in the Design Documentation. This stage includes the selection, verification and preparationof the materials, selection of anti-corrosion coatings (primer compounds, paint compositions and decorative coatings) to be applied to the surface of the equipment. The technical department carefully ensures that the materials are tested for compliance with GOST or developed specifications.

Metalwork is the main preparation stage involving the cutting of rolled steel. Depending on the assortment coming into production and the requirements for the final structural parts, the process engineer together with the Design Department determine the type of machines and tools to be used. The quality of the machine park affects not only the quality of the final product, but also the amount of labor involved. This is probably one of the most demanding steps. Currently, the average age of RUSSTT production equipment is 6 years.

Sand blasting or shot blasting is used by most earnest mechanical facilities. This allows to prepare the metal, clean it, give it more roughness, increasing the diffusion properties before painting. "The Russian United Systems of Modern Transportation Technology" is constantly striving for quality of production. This is why we have two types of equipment for this processing. It depends on the metal and task: portal inlet processing and chamber processing. Due to the renewability of the processing abrasive, this production stage meets the standards of environmental friendliness and is not harmful to the environment.

Installation and welding requires a high level of qualifications and strict adherence to technology from our employees. The welders of RUSSTT company are assessed regularly with written confirmation and certification. When working, it is necessary to use abicor Binzel aerosol to improve weld quality, integrity and to minimize or more simply remove surfacing. Installation and welding is mainly carried out in argon environment, using semi-automatic BASF equipment.

In order to control the final quality of installation and welding,the production technologist makes visual inspection and ultrasonic inspection is also carried out on the weld. This procedure can confirm the quality of the final product and eliminate potential defects that cannot be seen by human eyes. RUSSTT uses portable controllers to improve the mobility and efficiency of the program. This enables phased control of the collected products while the welding station is working.

Due to roughing-out of metal and compliance with technology during installation and welding, RUSSTT specialists raised its environmental friendliness. After passing a sandblasting or shotgunction of the metal, the roughness of the plane increases its adhesiveness by times. This reduces the use of toxic mixtures to the minimum. Filters in the painting chamber and the suspension descaling system add more to safety.

RUSSTT produces various equipment and technologies for airports, airlines and ground engineering services. According to different types of products, certification types and forms are also different. We always meet the needs of clients. Therefore, you can specify the terms and provisions for certification: at the production site before shipment or at the Buyer’s premises. Thanks to the fruitful cooperation with the Central Service of Search and Emergency Flights Servicing of Russian Federation CA and Gostechnadzor, St.-Petersburg, we guarantee timely passing through certification.

RUSSTT doesn't have its own freight business. In order to organize the delivery of products to customers, we use the freight tools of the audited partner carrier. All products are insured before shipment. Delivery terms depend on the quantity of items purchased: payment or non payment. Before ordering products, you should contact the Sales Department of RUSSTT by phone or email and select the best quotation for you. Before embarkation, we agree with the Buyer on a reasonable cargo loading chart and packing of the goods.

Products Information You can always get live advice from our experts. You can reach us on working days from 8.00 till 20.00 (UTC+3) by phone +7 812 200 42 24 or send your request by e-mail to If you need urgent technical support call +7 995 599 0444 (24/7).