Many consider this to be an easily attainable criterion. It is enough to use more material in the design to increase its load capacity. Or without inventing anything you take successful examples of competitors as a model. In fact, both ways are pipe-dreams.

In 2012, when we just started to develop the first evacuation transporter with a capacity of 40 tons, we took up the first way. As a result, the curb weight was 12.78 tons. When redesigning the design we decided to take the second way, using the evacuation transporter of European production as a model. This time the cost of manufacturing was doubled. It was then that the Chief Designer decided to work out the transporter from scratch. The factors taken into account were: peculiarities of local operation (Russian customers tend to overload), specific light steel grades (Hardox analogues), localization of production (no need to buy suspension and wheels). Our development of bandage wheels and high-tonnage balancing suspension for a heavy line of recovery vehicles are of particular note, as they are second to none in terms of quality in Russia. As a result, we managed to create a line of recovery vehicles that have an acceptable curb weight, maintainable and simple in storage and operation. Currently, the stated safety margin of the transporters is 30%.

After the Olympics in Sochi we saw the market demand and decided to master the production of pneumatic tube lifts (APTL). For this purpose, decommissioned samples of European and American manufacture were studied. The main challenge was to choose the right cylinder material and to make sure that it can be stored for a long time in conditions of high humidity and low temperatures. We do not disclose details of the development of the raw materials, the fibers used, or the technology used to form the sections. But to test our products we couldn't think of anything better than to drive over the APTL of our production with heavy tracked equipment. The T-80M tank was chosen for this purpose. As it turns out this is the best confirmation of the strength characteristics of our product for the Russian customers.

In 2018, thanks to cooperation with Pulkovo Airport specialists, RUSSTT designers developed trailers for luggage and container transportation applying by the same criteria. It was important to find out the specifics of operation: reliability, utility, safety. It’s a common thought that a luggage trailer is just an ordinary cart with wheels, but in reality this simple product must meet the current requirements in the first place.

Now you see why "RUSSTT" company is not afraid to provide 5 years warranty on products with full service. We know the specifics of REAL operation. For this purpose, regular meetings are held with specialists from the leading airports in Russia and the CIS to synchronize.

Some companies tried to replicate our products by copying the design documentation and even the abbreviation of the name. Practically they were not been able to produce a quality product with the strength characteristics of our brand.